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MidJourney Prompt Helper

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About MidJourney Prompt Helper

Noonshot MidJourney Prompt Helper, otherwise known as Noonshot, is an AI tool designed to help AI creators construct complex prompts for the MidJourney platform. It represents an initiative of Ember Blockchain Technologies Inc., crafted with the goal of enabling non-technical creators to launch fully personalized digital collectible shops, commonly known as NFT shops, within a matter of minutes.


  • Simplistic and intuitive user interface, which makes creating prompts as easy as writing a tweet.
  • A free-to-use tool, making it accessible to all levels of creators.
  • It supports the generation of complex prompts for the MidJourney platform, which boosts creative self-expression.
  • Facilitates launching of personalized digital collectible shops swiftly.
  • Supports the MidJourney v4, staying up-to-date with the latest developments.


  • Lack of information might make it challenging for beginners to understand its full potential.
  • Limited scope, as it primarily focuses on creating prompts for the MidJourney platform.


  • MJ Prompt The MJ Prompt Tool enables creators to generate complex prompts for various creative projects. This includes parameters like lighting, camera angles, colors, materials, size, depth of field, quality, and stylization.
  • Guides: The platform provides guides for better prompt creation, offering inspiration and direction for users. This can be particularly helpful for users who need a creative boost or are just starting their journey with MidJourney prompts.

Use Cases

  • Prompt Inspiration: Whether it’s for photography, writing, design, or other creative pursuits, the MJ Prompt Tool serves as a great source of inspiration for creative projects.
  • Project Guidance: For those who require a bit of direction or need assistance in navigating their creative projects, the guides provided by the MidJourney Prompt Tool can offer valuable insights.

Noonshot MidJourney Prompt Helper is truly a tool crafted with the creative community in mind. It takes into consideration the needs of AI creators and offers a straightforward, intuitive platform to aid in the creation of complex prompts for the MidJourney platform.

Its value extends beyond just prompt creation; it actively supports the budding NFT market, offering creators an opportunity to delve into the world of digital collectibles. Whether you’re a veteran AI creator or just starting your journey, Noonshot acts as an enabler, a catalyst that pushes your creative boundaries.

However, as with every tool, Noonshot is not without its limitations. The platform primarily caters to creators involved with the MidJourney platform, and as such, may have limited functionality outside this scope.

Regardless, the simplicity and intuitiveness of Noonshot MidJourney Prompt Helper make it an excellent tool for AI creators. It embodies the spirit of creative self-expression and provides valuable assistance to those in need of prompt inspiration or project guidance. In a world rapidly embracing digital creativity and NFTs, Noonshot could well be the companion you need to make your mark.

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