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About Miro AI

Miro AI is an innovative platform integrated into Miro, the leading visual collaboration platform. It empowers remote, in-office, and hybrid teams to communicate and collaborate seamlessly across formats, tools, channels, and time zones. The platform’s mission is to empower teams to create the next big thing by providing them with cutting-edge AI-powered features that enhance creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

The origins of Miro AI date back to 2011 when Andrey Khusid, the founder of Miro, created a virtual whiteboard called RealtimeBoard to facilitate communication with clients who were not physically present. Over the years, RealtimeBoard evolved into Miro, a robust visual collaboration platform that serves millions of users worldwide.

Miro AI has co-headquarters in Amsterdam and San Francisco, with hubs distributed globally. This unique setup enables every “Mironeer” (a member of the Miro team) to deeply understand the needs of remote, in-office, and hybrid workers. The team collectively works towards solving the challenges of distributed collaboration daily.

The platform boasts an impressive user base of over 50 million users, with 99% of the Fortune 100 trusting Miro for their collaboration needs.


  • Enhanced Creativity and Brainstorming: The mind map idea generation feature provides a structured approach to visualize and explore ideas, enhancing creativity and brainstorming sessions.
  • Improved Collaboration: Real-time collaboration and instant feedback enable team members to work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location.
  • Streamlined Communication: Summarizing sticky notes and generating user stories from ideas help distill information, making it easier to communicate complex concepts.
  • Increased Efficiency: The ability to turn natural language into code and generate images from text saves time and effort, improving overall productivity.
  • Cost-Free Beta Access: Participating in the Miro AI Beta is free of charge for users on Free, Starter, Business, and Consultant plans, as well as former Consultant plan users.
  • Continuous Improvements: The Beta release showcases the potential of Miro AI, with plans for continuous enhancements and the expansion of language support.


  • Dependency on User Feedback: As Miro AI is in Beta, its future development relies on user feedback to improve and refine the service. While this presents opportunities for improvement, it may also introduce initial limitations.
  • Language Support Variability: While Miro AI works best in English, the results may vary when interacting with other languages, as the platform’s AI model is continuously evolving.


  • Mind Map Idea Generation: Automatically generate multi-branch mind maps to expand your thinking.
  • Summarize Sticky Notes: Condense multiple stickies into one, instantly.
  • Turn Natural Language to Code: Generate code by simply writing text.
  • Image Generation from Text: Create images from text, bringing your ideas to life.
  • Generate User Stories from Ideas: Break down feature ideas into user stories without starting from scratch.

Use Cases

  • Creative Teams: Creative teams can leverage Miro AI to brainstorm and ideate using mind maps and images generated from text.
  • Project Management: Miro AI’s user story generation feature helps project managers break down feature ideas into actionable tasks for smoother project execution.
  • Collaborative Workspaces: Miro AI enhances collaboration in virtual workspaces, allowing team members to collaborate in real-time regardless of their geographical location.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startups: Entrepreneurs and startups can utilize Miro AI to streamline their communication, brainstorming, and innovation processes, even on a limited budget.

Miro AI Beta brings a new dimension of creativity, collaboration, and productivity to Miro’s visual collaboration platform. With a suite of impressive features designed to streamline communication, enhance brainstorming, and generate ideas efficiently, Miro AI is a game-changer for teams seeking to unlock their full potential.

Its cost-free Beta access makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from individuals and small teams to enterprises and startups. As Miro AI continues to evolve based on user feedback and language support expansion, it promises to remain at the forefront of visual collaboration, empowering teams to create the next big thing with the aid of AI-driven innovation.

We highly recommend exploring the possibilities of Miro AI Beta and embracing the power of creativity, collaboration, and productivity it brings to your team.

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