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About Octane AI

Octane AI is a Shopify tool that creates quizzes for your customers, offering a unique and interactive way to engage with your brand and products. This AI-powered tool allows you to design quizzes that can be embedded in advertisements, displayed on your website, or even appear as pop-ups, providing various points of contact with your audience. By collecting valuable zero-party data from these quizzes, Octane AI enables you to focus your marketing efforts in a highly targeted manner, leading to increased conversions and more personalized customer experiences.


  • Dynamic Product Recommendations: Octane AI offers a simplified method for establishing product recommendations based on customer responses. You can customize which product groups, tags, or collections should be included or excluded at the answer level, allowing your recommendations to scale as your Shopify store catalog grows.
  • Direct Selling in Quizzes: With the “Add to Cart” feature, you can convert engaged customers into buyers while they are most receptive, shortening the path from first impression to final purchase.
  • Content Provision: Octane AI allows you to provide valuable content to customers before or after the quiz, offering guides, educational lists, or free recipes as a reward for their time, which strengthens your brand’s value proposition.
  • Detailed Analytics: You can track comprehensive performance metrics for your quizzes, including view count, completion rate, number of starts, and average time taken to answer, enabling you to make data-driven improvements and optimize quiz effectiveness.


  • Potentially High Drop-off Rates: If the first question in your quiz is not compelling, you may experience a large number of users refusing to proceed, leading to high drop-off rates.
  • Need for Traffic: To maximize the benefits of quizzes, you need a steady influx of visitors to your website, which may require leveraging paid advertising or relying on existing networks.
  • Ideal for Large Product Catalogs: Quizzes are most effective when promoting specific products among a large catalog. For stores with only one main product, it may not be the most suitable marketing strategy.


  • Customization: Octane AI allows you to fully customize the appearance of your quizzes, including adjusting colors, styles, backgrounds, and even embedding GIFs and images, ensuring your brand’s identity is consistently represented.
  • Integration with Other Apps: You can seamlessly sync your data with other applications such as Klaviyo, enabling personalized email flows and enhanced customer segmentation.
  • Builds Brand Loyalty: Personalizing the shopping journey through quizzes shows attentiveness to customer desires, leading to increased customer lifetime value and providing valuable insights for loyalty programs and product feedback.

Use Cases

  • Blog Writers, Content Creators, and Authors: Octane AI is an ideal tool for these individuals, helping them refine their writing skills and maintain high-quality content.
  • Business Professionals: The AI-powered guide assists teachers in lesson planning, student support, and enhancing educational experiences.
  • School Administrators: Octane AI offers innovative learning tools for schools and educational institutions aiming to implement effective and engaging learning experiences.

Octane AI is a valuable AI-powered guide developed by Khan Academy, empowering learners and educators alike. With its versatile assistance, interactive experiences, and support for a noble cause, Khanmigo is shaping the future of education. Whether you’re a learner seeking personalized tutoring or a teacher looking for valuable support, Khanmigo offers an innovative and efficient tool to enhance education and learning experiences.

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