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About Openart

OpenArt is a platform dedicated to AI art enthusiasts, offering access to over 10 million AI-generated art pieces and prompts from renowned AI tools such as DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

This innovative platform empowers users to explore and discover a vast collection of AI art, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for their creative projects. From searching through millions of AI-generated images to training their own AI image generators, users can tap into the power of personalized AI models to unlock new levels of creativity and productivity.


  • Rich AI Art Collection: OpenArt boasts an extensive repository of over 10 million AI-generated art pieces and prompts, providing users with a diverse array of creative resources and ideas.
  • Training Custom AI Models: The platform allows users to train their own AI image generators using their images, enabling them to ideate and generate new and unexpected ideas through personalized models.
  • Wide Range of AI Image Generators: With more than 30 different AI image generators, OpenArt offers a versatile selection of models for creating photorealistic images, artistic pictures, anime, and more, catering to various artistic preferences.
  • Effortless Image Editing: Users can easily edit images using state-of-the-art technologies like inpainting, enhancing their creative capabilities and transforming images with just a few clicks.
  • Free Access and Credits: OpenArt provides 200 free credits upon sign-up, allowing users to create images without initial costs. Additionally, users can earn daily free credits by joining the Discord community.
  • Commercial Use and Licensing: Images created on the platform can be used for commercial purposes, and users can use Stable Diffusion-generated images without licensing, streamlining the creative process for commercial projects.


  • Model Training Costs: Training custom AI models requires substantial resources, and while OpenArt offers bulk discounts to make it more affordable, users should be aware of potential costs associated with extensive model training.
  • Trial Limitations: The trial version may have limitations on generating NSFW content, and users interested in generating more of such content need to subscribe to the hobbyist package.


  • AI Image Generators: OpenArt offers a wide range of AI image generators, including those from renowned AI tools like Stable Diffusion, allowing users to easily create a variety of artistic images.
  • Personalized AI Models: Users can train their own AI image generators using their images, granting them the ability to ideate with custom models and apply presets for new and unexpected ideas.
  • Image Editing: The platform provides advanced image editing capabilities, such as inpainting and other state-of-the-art technologies, to transform and enhance images with ease.
  • Artistic QR Code Generator: OpenArt includes an artistic QR code generator, enabling users to create unique and visually appealing QR codes for a delightful scanning experience.

Use Cases

  • Art Enthusiasts: OpenArt serves as a treasure trove of AI-generated art pieces, inspiring art enthusiasts to discover new styles and artistic expressions for their own projects.
  • Designers and Creatives: Designers can find inspiration and new ideas for their creative projects by exploring the vast collection of AI art and prompts on the platform.
  • Content Creators: Content creators can leverage AI-generated images to enhance their digital content, from social media posts to marketing materials.
  • Game Developers: Indie game developers can utilize AI image generators to create unique and visually captivating assets for their games, contributing to the success of their projects.

OpenArt is a visionary platform that brings the world of AI-generated art to artists, designers, and creatives worldwide. With its vast collection of over 10 million AI art pieces and prompts, users gain access to a limitless source of inspiration for their creative projects.

From discovering and exploring AI-generated images to training their own personalized AI image generators, OpenArt empowers users to become 10x more creative and productive in their artistic endeavors. As a startup founded by ex-Googlers and driven by a passion for generative art, OpenArt is dedicated to creating a platform that activates humanity’s creative potential and makes state-of-the-art AI accessible to all.

By harnessing the power of AI technologies like Stable Diffusion, OpenArt sets the stage for a new era of artistic expression, where the boundaries of imagination are endlessly expanded through the fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

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