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About OpinioAI

OpinioAI is a research platform that utilizes AI language models to assist researchers in obtaining relevant insights, data, and opinions in a simple and scalable manner. Silicon Sampling is a feature of OpinioAI that provides insights and opinions at scale through two methods. The first method involves applying persona traits (personal and business) over vanilla GPT-3 models to obtain relevant and helpful opinions and insights. The second method involves fine-tuning GPT-3 models with a relevant and arbitrary dataset to create a customized model that can be used to discover insights and nuances on a much deeper and more precise level. Silicon sampling is a process of fine-tuning and conditioning the GPT3 model to produce outputs that are biased both toward and against specific groups and perspectives in ways that strongly correspond with human response patterns along fine-grained demographic axes. This means that these language models contain multiple biases, rather than just one.

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