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About Outboundly

Outboundly is a Chrome extension that utilizes AI technology to provide users with a personalized cold outreach experience. With Outboundly, users can generate customized cold emails and LinkedIn messages with just one click. This tool offers a simple and effective way to create tailored messages for each prospect, resulting in response rates up to 6 times higher.

Outboundly’s key features include the ability to instantly analyze LinkedIn profiles for cold outreach, custom AI training for standard and pro packages to align with your brand’s voice, a built-in B2B community with posting, forums, and learning resources, and compatibility with LinkedIn profiles and Sales Navigator leads.

Outboundly can be used for personalizing messages for LinkedIn prospecting, generating AI-powered cold emails for higher response rates, and learning and engaging with other B2B salespeople within the Outboundly community.

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