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About Piano Genie

Piano Genie is an innovative AI tool that harnesses the power of machine learning to provide users with an interactive and enjoyable piano-playing experience. The tool simulates the sensation of playing a piano like a virtuoso, allowing users to express their musical creativity without the need for extensive piano skills.

Users can play the virtual piano by using the numbered keys 1-8 on their keyboard or the home row keys a-f and j-;, or simply by touching the colored blocks on the interface. Additionally, the sustain pedal can be controlled using the space bar, adding another layer of realism to the experience.

The unique aspect of Piano Genie lies in its ability to adapt and respond to the user’s interactions. As users engage more realistically with the tool, both the melody and their overall performance will improve. This adaptive feature encourages users to explore their musical potential and offers an excellent platform for beginners and experienced musicians alike to experiment and create.


  • Accessibility: Piano Genie makes piano playing accessible to a broader audience, including beginners and non-pianists, by providing an intuitive and interactive interface.
  • Learning Tool: The adaptive learning feature encourages users to explore and develop their musical skills in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Creative Outlet: Experienced musicians and novices alike can use Piano Genie as a creative outlet to experiment with melodies and compositions.
  • Realistic Simulation: The tool’s use of AI technology creates a realistic piano-playing experience, making it feel like users are playing an actual piano.


  • Limited Note Control: The 8-button input may limit the level of note control that experienced pianists might expect from a traditional piano.
  • Sound Quality: The quality of the sound produced by Piano Genie might not match that of a high-end digital or acoustic piano.


  • AI-Powered Piano Simulation: Piano Genie utilizes machine learning algorithms to create an intelligent musical interface that maps 8-button input to a full 88-key piano in real-time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool offers multiple ways for users to interact, including using the numbered keys on the keyboard or touching colored blocks on the interface.
  • Adaptive Learning: As users engage more with the tool, it adapts to their style of play, leading to improved melodies and performances over time.
  • Time-Varying Mapping: Instead of using fixed mappings between button presses and notes, Piano Genie learns time-varying mappings using a discrete autoencoder architecture, enabling precise control over timing and polyphony.
  • Contour Regularization: The tool encourages piano performance pitch contours that closely match the contours of the button sequences through training loss that penalizes encoder violations of relative pitch ordering.
  • Training Data and Open-Source Model: Piano Genie’s model was trained on a set of virtuosic performances from the International Piano-e-Competition. The model is open-source, allowing users to train it on their own set of MIDI files.

Use Cases

  • Beginner Music Education: Piano Genie can serve as an educational tool for beginners to learn the basics of piano playing and music theory.
  • Musical Exploration: Experienced musicians can use Piano Genie to explore new musical ideas and experiment with different melodies and chord progressions.
  • Casual Music Creation: Casual users and non-musicians can enjoy creating music and expressing their creativity through the interactive and user-friendly interface.

Piano Genie is a remarkable AI-powered tool that allows users to enjoy the experience of playing the piano like a virtuoso without the need for advanced musical skills.

Its adaptive learning capabilities and user-friendly interface make it an excellent platform for musicians of all levels to explore their creativity and create captivating melodies.

Whether you are a beginner seeking to learn piano or an experienced musician looking for a unique musical outlet, Piano Genie offers an innovative and enjoyable way to engage with the world of music through the power of AI.

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