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About Puzzle

Puzzle Labs is an AI-powered glossary tool that seeks to demystify complex product information and terminology for customers. By enabling businesses to embed an interactive glossary widget into their content, Puzzle Labs bridges the gap between intricate concepts and user comprehension, effectively streamlining customer education and onboarding.


  • Intelligent Glossary: Puzzle Labs allows businesses to connect their content to key concepts effortlessly, improving user understanding of product-specific terminology.
  • Automatic Updates: With the Puzzle Widget, businesses can keep their glossaries up-to-date without the hassle of manual inputs, as it updates automatically whenever new concepts are added.
  • Content Compatibility: The tool supports a wide range of content formats like WordPress, Medium, HTML, and Markdown, ensuring seamless integration with your existing digital assets.


  • Pricing Limitations: The free version of the tool allows only up to 10 concepts. To unlock a broader range, users would need to upgrade to the Premium plan.
  • Limited Customization: The customization options for the Puzzle Widget could be more extensive, allowing businesses to better align the widget’s look and feel with their branding.
  • Branding: The ability to remove Puzzle branding is only available with the Premium and Enterprise plans, which could deter businesses seeking a fully white-labeled solution.


Puzzle Labs offers an array of features that cater to improving customer comprehension of complex concepts:

  • AI-Powered Glossary: The cornerstone of Puzzle Labs, this feature enables businesses to construct a dynamic glossary, offering clear and concise definitions of key terms and concepts.
  • Automatic Updates: This feature ensures your glossary remains current, with the Puzzle Widget automatically updating when you introduce new concepts.
  • Content Import: Puzzle Labs supports content import from various platforms, including WordPress, Medium, HTML, Markdown, and more.


Puzzle Labs has multiple applications across different roles within an organization:

  • Digital Marketers: They can use Puzzle Labs to drive user engagement, increase time spent on-page, decrease bounce rate, and enhance SEO. It also aids in synthesizing their brand story and engaging users more effectively.
  • Product Experts: With Puzzle Labs, they can explain complex product ideas quickly and efficiently, improving the overall customer education process.
  • Business Development Representatives: For individuals looking to spark interest in their product, Puzzle Labs can help prospective customers learn about it faster, understand associated concepts, and find related content more easily.

By providing an intelligent glossary tool, Puzzle Labs ensures that the understanding of complex information becomes easy and enjoyable. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with various content types, along with its automatic updates feature, provides a dynamic customer education experience.

Despite the pricing limitations and limited customization options, Puzzle Labs has carved a niche for itself by empowering businesses to improve customer comprehension, which in turn can drive engagement and growth.

The tool is best suited for businesses that prioritize customer education and want to ensure their users learn from them directly, rather than relying on search engines.

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