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About Quickie

Quickie is an AI multitool extension that enables users to automate tasks and enhance productivity. It offers a variety of AI applets, including ad audience generation, Instagram account naming, text-to-speech conversion, and video summarization. Users can also create personalized quickies using prompts and inputs for tailored solutions. Quickie is ideal for social media creators, entrepreneurs, students, marketers, and more. It offers a free version with limited access, as well as monthly/unlimited plans for additional features. Quickie caters to various professionals, including content creators seeking to automate social media tasks, entrepreneurs and marketers looking to generate product copy and draft press releases, and students and educators benefiting from text-to-speech and video summarization features. Overall, Quickie is a versatile and user-friendly solution that automates mundane tasks and boosts productivity for a wide range of users.

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