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About Qureos

Qureos is a forward-thinking EdTech startup based in the UAE that aims to revamp the conventional approach to job search and career advancement.

With its mission to accelerate 100 million careers, Qureos employs an AI-powered engine to match job seekers with potential employers, offering a range of supportive features, including one-on-one mentorships, hands-on projects, and no-cover-letter applications.

Their partnership with over 100 companies, including heavyweights like Nestle, DP World, and Careem, assures users a chance to connect with leading organizations globally. With over 200,000+ users to date, Qureos operates at the unique intersection of the EdTech and HR Tech spaces, leveraging technology to redefine learning and streamline the hiring process.


  • Qureos uses an AI-powered engine that matches users’ skills with potential employers, saving job seekers the time and hassle of sifting through countless job posts.
  • The platform provides one-on-one mentorships and real-life, industry-specific projects, making it more than just a job-matching site.
  • Users have praised the platform’s user-friendly interface and efficient job search mechanism.
  • It facilitates faster connections with recruiters, with users hearing back three times quicker compared to traditional job applications.
  • The no-cover-letter application feature is a boon to job seekers who dread this aspect of job hunting.


  • As a relatively new startup, Qureos might not yet have the breadth of job offerings that more established job sites have.
  • Its primary focus on tech fields could limit opportunities for those seeking careers outside of tech.
  • Qureos is currently most prevalent in the MENA region, which may limit its effectiveness for users in other regions.


  • AI-Powered Job Matching: The platform’s AI engine efficiently matches your skills and career aspirations with appropriate companies.
  • One-on-One Mentorships: Users can access personalized advice from industry experts, enhancing their skills and career knowledge.
  • Real-life, industry-specific Projects: These projects help users build a robust portfolio and gain practical experience.
  • Fast-Track to Interviews: The platform facilitates swift application processes and quicker responses from recruiters.
  • No Cover Letters: Qureos eliminates the need for lengthy cover letters, streamlining the job application process.


  • Recent graduates transitioning from university to the professional world can leverage Qureos to find suitable job matches and receive valuable mentorship.
  • Professionals seeking a career change can utilize the platform to explore new opportunities that align with their skills.
  • Companies looking for talent can benefit from Qureos’s AI-powered job matching, gaining access to a pool of suitable candidates more quickly.

Qureos, with its unique blend of EdTech and HR Tech, is reshaping the landscape of job searching and career advancement. It leverages AI to streamline the job-matching process, eliminating the need for tedious cover letters and offering one-on-one mentorship opportunities.

Though still a growing startup, it’s evident that Qureos is not just an ordinary job site. It’s a comprehensive platform aiming to equip job seekers with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive job market. Despite its regional prevalence and focus on tech fields, it’s a standout solution that’s reshaping the way we approach career growth and job hunting.

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