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About Raizer

Raizer is a fundraising platform that leverages AI technology to assist startup founders in raising funds by quickly and easily identifying relevant investors. The platform offers several key features and advantages, including access to a database of verified and up-to-date information on thousands of VCs and Angel investors, the ability to generate hyper-specific messages in various tones of voice (such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk styles), and the option to reach out to investors via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Additionally, Raizer facilitates response-guaranteed introductions to 500+ top VCs, Family funds, and Angel investors through warm introductions.

Raizer is an ideal solution for startup companies seeking to raise funds and connect with relevant investors, entrepreneurs looking to save time on manual research and outreach, and startups aiming to simplify the fundraising process and increase their chances of success. Overall, Raizer offers an easy, fast, and free solution for startups to streamline the fundraising process and connect with the right investors.

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