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Rath by Kanarie

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About Rath by Kanarie

Kanaries RATH is an AI-powered data exploration tool that automates the process of discovering patterns, insights, and visualizations from multi-dimensional data. It comes equipped with several key features and advantages, including an augmented analytic engine that allows users to explore and visualize datasets with a single click. Additionally, the tool includes a CoPilot for Data Exploration that learns user intentions and generates relevant recommendations, a Data Painter that identifies complex visual patterns and potential causals, and a Data Preparation feature that assists in data cleaning and transformation. Kanaries RATH also includes a Graphic Walker that embeds visual analytics into web and mobile applications.

This tool is ideal for various businesses, including data analysts seeking to simplify data wrangling, exploration, and visualization, decision-makers aiming to analyze data quickly and accurately for informed decisions, and developers looking to embed visual analytics into web and mobile applications. Overall, Kanaries RATH offers a powerful and efficient solution for data exploration and visualization, making it an invaluable tool for businesses.

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