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About ReciTAL

reciTAL is a cutting-edge Deep Tech LAD/RAD platform that empowers professionals to automate their document processing, even for complex tasks. It offers document capture, categorization, and search capabilities for all types of documents and emails. With reciTAL, users can easily categorize their mail and document flows, extract information from various document types, and quickly find answers in their document databases.

This platform has been highly praised by various companies, including Crédit Agricole Technology & Services, AG2R LA MONDIALE, SEQUANTIS, and CACIB, for its efficiency and precision. For instance, Crédit Agricole Technology & Services reported that reciTAL saves 2 hours per week for each of their 80,000 employees. Moreover, SEQUANTIS highlighted that a 500-page document can be read in just 30 minutes instead of half a day with reciTAL.

reciTAL is ideal for professionals in various sectors, including insurance, banking, real estate, industry, and public sectors. It is also suitable for different functions, such as purchasing, legal, customer relations, and CSRs. reciTAL offers three key solutions, including capture, categorize, and search, to automate document analysis in under a minute compared to 10-20 minutes manually.

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