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About Roll Art Die

RollArtDie is an AI tool that enables the generation of artworks using text inputs, specifically designed for Apple Silicon devices. It offers several key features and benefits, including local and private operation that runs securely on-device without requiring a cloud subscription or active internet connection. RollArtDie aims to empower artists by becoming a go-to tool for AI-generated artworks, similar to Photoshop for digital art. It generates simple images in minutes on an M1 MacBook Air and in seconds on a Mac Studio, making it a fast and efficient solution. Additionally, RollArtDie prioritizes data privacy and does not collect information on prompts, image descriptions, or generated artworks. This tool caters to various artists, including new and existing artists looking to create AI-generated artworks with ease, digital art enthusiasts seeking a secure, on-device solution for artwork generation, and Apple Silicon device users interested in exploring AI-generated art capabilities. Currently, RollArtDie is exclusively available for Apple Silicon Macbooks, but it may expand to Intel Macbooks and Windows devices in the future based on popularity.

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