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About Shortwave

Shortwave, a technology company focused on delivering quality, decentralized, and secure communication, presents its first product, an email app. This app takes the complexity out of managing your inbox, making it effortless to stay organized, productive, and responsive. This app, designed to work with existing Gmail accounts, helps users email smarter and faster.


  • Efficient Email Management: The Shortwave Method, based on the ‘inbox zero’ concept, encourages users to triage messages, automate processes, and stay organized.
  • Bundles Emails into Categories: Similar emails are grouped together into one line in your inbox, making it easier to manage and view your emails.
  • Comprehensive Keyboard Shortcuts: It comes with a range of keyboard shortcuts for more efficient email handling.
  • Scheduling Feature: Users can schedule when certain emails appear in their inbox.
  • AI Features: Includes AI features like summarizing emails, improving readability and user understanding.


  • Limited Compatibility: Shortwave currently works only with Gmail or Google Workspace accounts, making it unsuitable for users of other email services.
  • Lack of a Desktop App: It does not offer a desktop app, though a progressive web app can be installed.
  • Android App Availability: The Android app is still in beta, and thus, may not be fully functional or reliable.


  • Bundling: Collapses similar emails into one line, reducing clutter and enhancing visibility of important emails.
  • Email Scheduling: Allows users to schedule when certain emails show up in their inbox, promoting productivity and focus.
  • AI-Powered Summarization: The AI can provide summaries of emails, helping users grasp the main points quickly.
  • Shortwave Method: A unique method for dealing with emails that encourages users to pin, snooze, or archive emails, automating as much as possible for efficiency.


  • Professional Settings: An ideal tool for professionals who heavily rely on email communication, making it easier to manage their inboxes and stay responsive.
  • Businesses Using Gmail or Google Workspace: Shortwave fits well into businesses that use Google’s suite of services, enhancing productivity and communication efficiency.
  • Personal Use: For individuals looking for a better way to handle their Gmail inboxes, Shortwave can provide a structured and efficient method of email management.

With its focus on making email management less complicated and more effective, Shortwave offers a fresh take on email applications. By bundling similar emails, providing comprehensive keyboard shortcuts, and using AI-powered features, Shortwave aims to revolutionize how users interact with their inboxes.

Although its compatibility is currently limited to Gmail and Google Workspace accounts, and it lacks a dedicated desktop app, Shortwave offers a unique method to manage emails in a more organized and efficient way.

Overall, Shortwave’s unique approach to email management makes it a promising tool in the world of digital communication. However, its ultimate success will depend on its ability to cater to diverse email strategies and a wider range of email services.

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