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About Shumai (Meta)

Shumai (Meta) is an open-source tensor library designed for TypeScript and JavaScript, offering rapid network connectivity and differentiability. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help developers create and optimize machine learning models and neural networks efficiently. The library is built with bun + flashlight, making it one of the fastest tensor libraries written in JavaScript and TypeScript. Shumai streamlines the computation of tensors, enables the creation of differentiable neural networks, and provides detailed statistics on memory usage, making it a top choice for software engineers and researchers alike.


  • Fast computation of tensors for efficient machine learning model development.
  • Built-in support for automatic differentiation for creating differentiable neural networks.
  • Detailed statistics on memory usage to identify and optimize memory-intensive operations.
  • Easy integration with network connectivity for seamless integration with other systems and applications.


  • It may require some initial setup and configuration for developers to get started.
  • Limited to JavaScript and TypeScript environments, which may not be suitable for all developers.


  • Rapid network connectivity for efficient data exchange and integration with other systems.
  • Differentiability support for creating and training differentiable neural networks.
  • Memory usage statistics for identifying and optimizing memory-intensive operations.

Use Cases

  • Building deep learning models and neural networks that require fast computation and memory optimization.
  • Integrating with other systems and applications for seamless data exchange and collaboration.

Shumai (Meta) is a powerful and efficient tensor library that provides essential features for machine learning developers and researchers. Its fast computation of tensors, built-in support for automatic differentiation, and detailed memory usage statistics make it a valuable asset for building machine learning models and neural networks. The ease of use and integration with other systems further enhance its appeal in the developer community. With continued support and development from the open-source community, Shumai (Meta) is expected to play a significant role in accelerating the machine learning development process and enhancing productivity for researchers and developers alike.

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