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About SlidesAI is a revolutionary, AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of creating engaging, professional presentation slides. It’s a solution designed to rescue you from tedious manual slide creation, helping you transform chunks of text into visually appealing slides in no time. primarily integrates with Google Slides, but there’s also planned support for Microsoft PowerPoint. The tool supports over 100 languages, and provides a user-friendly, intuitive interface, enabling you to customize the appearance of your presentation.


  • saves users a significant amount of time by automatically converting text into a structured presentation.
  • It requires no design skills, offering pre-designed color and font presets for users who are not comfortable with design.
  • The tool is known for its highly praised support system, with users commending its fast and helpful assistance.
  • It has received positive feedback for features like automatic generation of subtitles and summarization of content into digestible information.


  • currently only integrates with Google Slides, limiting its utility for users of other presentation platforms.
  • The constraints of the free version, which allows only three presentations per month and a 2500 character limit per presentation, might be insufficient for some users.


  • Text to Presentation: Simply input your text, and the AI takes care of transforming it into a presentation.
  • Topic to Presentation: This feature, currently in private beta, allows you to provide a topic and the AI generates a presentation.
  • Support for 100+ Languages: is globally accessible, supporting a wide range of languages.
  • Customization: You can personalize your slides by selecting from pre-designed color and font presets, or create your own unique look.
  • Automated Slide Creation: Enter the text for your presentation and let the AI build your slides, creating subtitles and summarizing points.


  • can be an ideal tool for educators and students who need to create educational slides for lectures.
  • Business professionals can utilize it to craft sales pitches or summarize lengthy reports into digestible slides for a corporate presentation.
  • It’s particularly beneficial for non-native English speakers, given its support for over 100 languages.

In conclusion, presents an innovative solution for presentation creation, leveraging AI to transform text into visually compelling slides. Despite some limitations, it significantly reduces the time and effort required in crafting presentations.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or business professional, could be the tool that revolutionizes your workflow, freeing you from the constraints of manual slide creation and enabling you to focus on delivering an effective presentation.

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