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About Snowpixel

Snowpixel is a generative media toolkit that enables users to create images, audio, and animations from text. With Snowpixel, you can train custom models from your own datasets and prompt them in any setting. Additionally, Snowpixel allows you to upload your own art and generate similar images using the Similar model guide, which provides some examples. You can also create pixel art with various color schemes or convert an existing image using the Pixel art guide. Furthermore, Snowpixel enables you to convert a generated image into an evolving movie scene and create a 3D animation video from it. With Snowpixel, you can control generations using modifiers by adding modifier text to a generated image to make enhancements and regenerate using a different model, giving you full control over the final image’s elements and style. Finally, Snowpixel provides high-quality output with high definition images in 2k, 4k, and 8k resolutions.

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