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About Steno

Steno is an AI-powered transcription and analysis tool that helps professionals extract valuable information from audio and video content. It’s capable of identifying insights from podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. It utilizes advanced AI technology to provide accurate transcriptions, even in challenging audio conditions, and offers a proprietary dataset with millions of hours of content and hundreds of thousands of transcripts.


  • Advanced AI Technology: Steno harnesses AI to provide high-quality and efficient transcriptions. It can distinguish between different speakers, recognize accents, and identify various languages.
  • User-friendly Interface: The platform offers an intuitive user interface that makes uploading audio or video files easy. It includes features such as time-stamping, speaker identification, and editing options to customize transcriptions.
  • API Integration: Steno offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows developers to integrate its transcription services into their own applications or platforms.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Steno’s services can be used in various sectors such as business, education, media, legal, medical, and research.


  • Limited Compatibility: Currently, Steno only supports podcasts and YouTube videos, limiting its compatibility with other audio and video content.
  • Cost: Steno’s pricing plans may be too expensive for small businesses or individuals on a tight budget.


  • AI-Powered Transcription: Steno uses AI to transcribe and analyze audio and video content, distinguishing between different speakers, recognizing accents, and identifying languages.
  • Search Functionality: It allows users to search for brands, people, topics, and products, making it easy to find every mention of any keyword with just a few clicks.
  • API Integration: Steno provides an API for developers to integrate its transcription services into their own applications or platforms.
  • Chatbot Integration: Steno includes a chatbot feature that allows users to have endless conversations and learn about their favorite topics.

Use Cases

  • Business: Steno can be used to transcribe meetings, interviews, conference calls, and webinars, allowing businesses to keep accurate records and improve communication.
  • Media: Journalists, podcasters, and video producers can use Steno to quickly convert their audio and video content into written form, making it easier to edit, share, and repurpose.
  • Education: Educators and students can use Steno to transcribe lectures, seminars, and presentations, aiding in better understanding and retention of information.
  • Legal: Legal professionals can use Steno to transcribe depositions, hearings, and interviews, ensuring accurate documentation for case preparation and legal proceedings.

In conclusion, Steno can be a beneficial tool for professionals in various sectors seeking to extract insights from audio and video content. While it offers a vast dataset and AI-powered transcription, its limited compatibility and potentially prohibitive cost may need to be considered.

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