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About VarosAI

VarosAI is a groundbreaking competitor benchmarking platform specially designed for eCommerce and SaaS businesses. By offering companies the opportunity to anonymously benchmark their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against thousands of similar businesses, it provides invaluable insights into their relative performance in the industry.

With the power of aggregating and anonymizing first-party data, VarosAI empowers companies to make better, data-driven decisions and execute their strategies more effectively. With a dynamic dashboard and extensive integrations, VarosAI is revolutionizing the way businesses approach analytics and market comparison.


  • Comprehensive Benchmarking: VarosAI enables businesses to compare their performance with their peers, yielding actionable insights based on actual industry data.
  • Broad Data Scope: The platform keeps track of billions in ad spend and revenue annually, offering a vast pool of comparative data.
  • Dynamic and Personalized Insights: VarosAI allows businesses to continuously filter and adjust data to their specific needs, enabling strategic and confident decision-making.
  • Extensive Integrations: VarosAI supports integrations with a diverse range of platforms such as Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Stripe, Klaviyo, Shopify, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, with Google Analytics, QuickBooks, and Amazon Ads currently in development.


  • Limited Access to Some Metrics: Certain metrics reported by VarosAI, such as Abandoned Cart and LTV metrics, can only be accessed if they come from first-party sources.
  • Dependent on Data Sharing: The effectiveness of the platform hinges on the number of companies willing to share their data, which might limit the amount and accuracy of data available for some industries or verticals.


  • Benchmarking Against Curated Competitors: VarosAI offers real-time, accurate performance data pulled directly from thousands of eCommerce and SaaS companies, allowing for direct comparison with similar businesses.
  • Revenue-Driving Insights: The platform delivers personalized, presentation-ready reports without any setup or configuration.
  • Real-Time Performance Snapshot: VarosAI gives brands and startups a data-based snapshot of their performance relative to others in real time, allowing them to uncover opportunities for KPI improvement and accurately forecast costs for new ad campaigns.
  • Agency Benefits: For agencies, VarosAI helps set KPI targets based on real data, educates clients about market trends, demonstrates strong performance relative to peers to reduce churn, and gets more budget approved by showing spend comparisons.

Use Cases

  • Brands and Startups: VarosAI is ideal for brands and startups seeking to understand their position in the market, gauge the performance of their ad campaigns, and predict future costs.
  • Agencies: Agencies can use VarosAI to set realistic KPI targets, educate clients on market trends, reduce churn by demonstrating competitive performance, and get approval for larger budgets through comprehensive spend comparisons.

For any company committed to making data-driven decisions, VarosAI provides a unique solution. Its emphasis on anonymous benchmarking ensures that businesses get a fair comparison without compromising privacy. The platform’s wide array of features, coupled with the ability to adapt to a business’s unique needs, makes it a must-have tool for any competitive eCommerce or SaaS business.

By leveraging the power of data sharing and the diversity of companies contributing to its dataset, VarosAI offers unparalleled insights into market trends and comparative analytics. Whether you’re an established eCommerce business or a startup just dipping your toes into competitive analysis, VarosAI provides you with the tools to better understand your position and chart a path for future success.

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