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About Wisebot

Wisebot is a specialized AI chatbot tool that builds custom chatbots for businesses and individuals. It converts data from various forms such as texts, audios, and videos into AI chatbots that drive engagement and improve productivity. Wisebot’s key features include a database to add content and knowledge, fast and accurate answers with references, follow-up questions for deeper context, website sharing or embedding, integration with popular messaging platforms, personalized branding, enhanced security with bank-grade encryption, multilingual support for 95 languages, GDPR compliance, and privacy-first approach. Wisebot caters to a wide range of use cases, including podcasters, authors, eCommerce stores, government agencies, research companies, schools, and sports teams. The benefits of using Wisebot include saving time and effort for customers, employees, and followers, automating routine tasks to improve productivity, and providing faster and smarter answers with 24/7 availability. The process of creating a chatbot with Wisebot involves a discussion call to discuss goals and content, sending data or having Wisebot create it, building the chatbot from the data, adding branding elements, and embedding or integrating the chatbot. To join the AI revolution and create a custom chatbot, interested parties can reach out to Wisebot for a free 15-minute consultation.

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