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WTF Does This Company Do?

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About WTF Does This Company Do?

‘WTF Does This Company Do?’ is an innovative web app designed to demystify landing pages and decode the true meaning behind confusing or convoluted websites.

With just a simple click of a button, this powerful tool utilizes GPT-3 technology to provide users with clear and concise explanations of a website’s purpose, products, and features. In a world where effective copywriters are in demand, this app bridges the gap by offering top-quality copy generated by advanced natural language processing.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a curious visitor, ‘WTF Does This Company Do?’ is the go-to app for understanding websites without the hassle of sifting through jargon or buzzwords. Best of all, it’s completely free, delivering pure landing page magic with no hidden charges or pop-ups.


  • Simplified Website Understanding: With ‘WTF Does This Company Do?’, users can quickly grasp the purpose and offerings of any website, whether they are potential customers, competitors, or just curious visitors.
  • Valuable Feedback for Website Owners: The ‘Roast the Website’ function delivers constructive criticism, offering website owners and developers valuable insights for enhancing the user experience and overall design.
  • Time-Saving: The app efficiently summarizes complex landing pages, saving users time and effort in navigating through confusing or cluttered websites.


  • Subjective Analysis: While the app provides valuable feedback, its ‘Roast the Website’ feature is based on subjective user opinions and may not always reflect the preferences of the target audience.
  • Limited Deep Analysis: ‘WTF Does This Company Do?’ offers concise explanations and critiques but may not provide in-depth analyses required for complex websites with multifaceted offerings.
  • Dependence on AI Technology: Users must rely on the app’s AI capabilities, which require internet connectivity and may occasionally face limitations in handling certain website structures or languages.


  • Website Explanation: The core functionality of ‘WTF Does This Company Do?’ is to decode websites, providing users with comprehensive insights into a company’s offerings and distinguishing features.
  • Roast the Website: In addition to explanations, the app offers a unique ‘Roast the Website’ feature. Users can critically review websites, identifying areas of improvement in design, usability, content clarity, and more.

Use Cases

  • Website Owners and Developers: ‘WTF Does This Company Do?’ proves invaluable for website owners and developers seeking objective feedback and suggestions to enhance their site’s usability and effectiveness.
  • Potential Customers and Partners: For potential customers or partners researching a company, the app helps them quickly understand the company’s products and services, enabling informed decisions.
  • Digital Marketing and Web Design Students: Aspiring digital marketers and web design students can use the app to learn about website analysis and gain insights into effective design and content strategies.

‘WTF Does This Company Do?’ emerges as a powerful and user-friendly web app, simplifying the process of understanding websites by providing clear explanations and constructive feedback.

With its unique ‘Roast the Website’ feature and reliance on GPT-3 technology, the app bridges the gap between complex landing pages and users seeking straightforward insights. While the analysis may be subjective at times, it remains a valuable tool for website owners, potential customers, and digital marketing students alike.

By saving time and offering actionable feedback, ‘WTF Does This Company Do?’ demonstrates its potential to become an indispensable resource for website understanding and improvement in today’s digital landscape. As the web continues to evolve, this innovative app has the opportunity to contribute to better-designed, user-friendly websites and ultimately enhance the overall online user experience.

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