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About You is an AI-powered search engine that offers a customizable and personalized search experience for users. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, empowers individuals and businesses to have control over their search results.

The platform goes beyond traditional search engines by allowing users to tailor their search queries and prioritize their preferred sources and apps. Users can explore a multi-dimensional interface with horizontal and vertical scrolling, providing a more efficient way to discover relevant information.

With 150+ apps, including popular platforms like StackOverflow, Medium, and Twitter, users can personalize their search results to match their specific needs and preferences. Moreover, prioritizes user privacy by offering a search engine free of tracking and invasive ads, ensuring a secure and private browsing experience.


  • AI Chatbot – YouChat: provides an AI-powered conversational search assistant called YouChat. This language model offers natural-sounding explanations, cited sources, and interactive apps on various topics. YouChat can answer general questions, suggest ideas, translate, summarize text, compose emails, and even write code for users.
  • Customizable Search Experience: Unlike traditional search engines where search results are determined by advertising bids, allows users to customize their search results. Users can upvote or downvote apps to prioritize sources they trust and prefer.
  • App Integration: incorporates a wide range of apps, including web results and custom applications. Users can benefit from web links and various dedicated apps, offering deep interactions and summaries for improved search efficiency.
  • Multi-Dimensional Interface: The platform offers a unique multi-dimensional interface with horizontal and vertical scrolling, enabling users to discover more information in less time.
  • Privacy Protection: prioritizes user privacy, ensuring a search engine free of tracking and invasive ads, allowing users to browse the web without compromising their data security.


  • Personalized Search Results:’s customizable search experience allows users to prioritize their preferred sources, enabling a more tailored and relevant search process.
  • Efficient and Time-Saving: The multi-dimensional interface and app integration facilitate quick access to a wide range of information, saving users time in their search endeavors.
  • Privacy-Focused:’s commitment to user privacy ensures a secure and private browsing experience, free from invasive ads and tracking.
  • AI-Powered Assistance: YouChat, the AI chatbot, offers conversational search assistance and a wide range of functionalities to enhance the user experience.


  • Limited Data Sources: While offers a variety of apps, it may not cover all niche sources that users might require for highly specialized searches.
  • Learning Curve: Users unfamiliar with customizing search results may require some time to adapt to’s interface and app prioritization.

Use Cases

  • Personalized Research: Individuals conducting research can utilize to customize their search results based on the sources they trust and prefer, improving the quality and relevance of their findings.
  • Business Market Research: Businesses seeking specific information from preferred sources can use to tailor their search results, gaining valuable insights for decision-making.
  • Private Browsing: Users concerned about data privacy can opt for’s ad-free and tracking-free search experience to ensure their online activities remain confidential. is an innovative AI-powered search engine that brings a personalized and customizable search experience to users.

Its unique multi-dimensional interface, app integration, and privacy-focused approach make it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their search results and have control over their online browsing. The addition of YouChat, the AI chatbot, further enhances the user experience by providing natural-sounding explanations and a range of interactive functionalities.

Whether users are conducting personal research, market analysis for their business, or simply looking for a private and efficient search experience, offers a user-friendly and privacy-conscious platform for discovering information on the web.

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