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About Zeemo

Zeemo is an advanced Fast AI Captioning tool that uses speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to provide automatic video captioning. This tool is designed to relieve video creators of the time-consuming task of typing out captions, allowing them to focus on their creative work. Zeemo recognizes up to 17 languages and can generate subtitles for an hour-long video in just 5 minutes. It’s a web-based tool, requiring no downloads or installs.


  • Efficient Voice Recognition: Zeemo uses advanced technology for accurate voice recognition, significantly reducing the effort required by creators.
  • Fast Processing Speed: The tool’s high-speed processing capability means that an hour-long video can be subtitled in just 5 minutes.
  • Multilingual Support: Zeemo supports 17 languages for transcription and subtitle translation, making it a useful tool for international video content.
  • Online Service: The tool is web-based and requires no downloads or installs, providing an easy-to-use, efficient service.


  • Potential Accuracy Issues: While Zeemo claims to have a high accuracy rate, the actual accuracy can vary based on factors such as accent, dialect, background noise, and background music.
  • Limited Free Usage: While the tool provides a free 30-minutes prepaid card for new users, continued use requires purchase of additional time.


  • Voice Recognition Technology: Zeemo uses advanced voice recognition technology to accurately recognize human speech.
  • Auto Captioning and Bilingual Subtitles: The tool automatically generates captions for uploaded videos, and supports subtitle translation in 15 languages.
  • High-Speed Processing: Zeemo can process a one-hour video and have subtitles ready in just 5 minutes.
  • Multi-Language Recognition: Zeemo can recognize up to 17 languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • Transcription Matching: Upload subtitle and video files, and Zeemo will automatically match text to video content.

Use Cases

  • Video Content Creators: Creators looking to enhance the accessibility and reach of their video content can leverage Zeemo’s automatic captioning and translation capabilities.
  • Multilingual Content: For content intended for international audiences, Zeemo’s ability to recognize and generate subtitles in multiple languages can be crucial.
  • Fast-Paced Projects: For projects on tight schedules, Zeemo’s high-speed processing capability can drastically cut down the time spent on captioning videos.

In conclusion, Zeemo presents itself as a beneficial tool for video creators seeking to streamline their captioning process. Its efficient voice recognition, fast processing, and multi-language support are standout features, despite the possible limitations in accuracy and free usage. It provides creators more time to focus on their creative processes, making it a worthy addition to their toolkit.

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