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About Zoom IQ

Zoom IQ is an intelligent conversation analysis tool designed specifically for users of Zoom Meetings. As a conversation intelligence platform, Zoom IQ aims to provide actionable feedback, accurate sales forecasts, and better insights into sales deals.

This tool leverages post-meeting analysis, including transcription highlights, sentiment and engagement scores, and more, to reduce anecdotal feedback and identify areas for improvement. With its integration into a CRM, Zoom IQ offers context on the sales funnel, highlights deals requiring attention, and identifies pipeline trends.


  • Actionable Feedback: Zoom IQ offers valuable insights to improve sales conversations by analyzing talk-listen ratio, filler word usage, and customer engagement, allowing users to identify areas for improvement quickly.
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting: With integrated aggregated insights, Zoom IQ helps users forecast more accurately, providing valuable information on sales deals, teams, opportunity names, and interactions to boost sales performance.
  • Seller Guidance and Highlights: Zoom IQ provides seller guidance by highlighting key parts of conversations and topics that prospects find engaging, enhancing the overall sales process and driving better results.
  • Out-of-the-Box Integrations: Zoom IQ seamlessly integrates with Zoom Meetings, Salesforce CRM, and various calendar tools, streamlining the user experience and expanding its usability across platforms.


  • Limited Language Support: Users requiring intelligence for non-English languages, especially Spanish, may find Zoom IQ’s functionality and accuracy lacking in comparison to English language support.
  • Competition from Competitors: While Zoom IQ offers valuable insights, some competing tools provide more in-depth sales coaching and deal management insights.
  • Facial Recognition Analysis Missing: Incorporating facial recognition analysis could offer additional valuable insights for user interactions and presentation effectiveness.


  • Actionable Feedback Analysis: Zoom IQ analyzes post-meeting conversations to provide actionable feedback on talk-listen ratio, filler word usage, and more, helping users improve their sales conversations.
  • Sales Deal Insights: With sales deals categorized by stage, size, teams, and opportunity name, Zoom IQ offers analytics on the number of interactions, competition, and customer sentiments, facilitating better sales strategies.
  • Integration with Zoom Meetings: Zoom IQ seamlessly integrates with Zoom Meetings, providing a unified experience and efficient navigation for analyzing calls and conducting debriefing sessions.
  • Integration with CRM and Calendar Tools: Zoom IQ integrates with Salesforce CRM, Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, and other calendar tools, enhancing its functionality and usability across platforms.
  • Real-Time Insights and Reminders: Users receive real-time insights during calls, such as seller guidance and next step reminders, aiding in effective customer interactions and deal management.
  • Analytics for Top Reps: Zoom IQ helps sales managers and teams identify best practices exhibited by top reps, providing valuable feedback for coaching and training purposes.

Use Cases

  • Sales Professionals: Sales teams and professionals can utilize Zoom IQ to analyze their sales conversations, improve their presentation skills, and gain insights to boost customer engagement and deal success.
  • CRM and Sales Forecasting: Integrating Zoom IQ with Salesforce CRM helps users gain valuable insights into sales deals, improving forecasting accuracy and identifying trends in the sales pipeline.

Zoom IQ is a powerful conversation intelligence tool that enhances sales conversations, provides actionable feedback, and facilitates better sales strategies. By analyzing post-meeting conversations and providing real-time insights, Zoom IQ equips sales professionals with valuable information to improve their presentation skills and engage customers effectively. Its integration with Zoom Meetings, Salesforce CRM, and calendar tools streamlines the user experience, making it a comprehensive solution for sales teams.

While Zoom IQ offers significant advantages, users must consider its language limitations, primarily focusing on English language support. Non-English language users, especially those relying on Spanish intelligence, may find the tool’s functionality and accuracy less effective. Additionally, some competing tools offer more in-depth sales coaching and deal management insights, presenting potential alternatives to consider.

Overall, Zoom IQ proves valuable for sales professionals seeking actionable feedback, accurate sales forecasting, and insights into their sales deals. With its robust features, seamless integrations, and real-time insights, Zoom IQ stands as an effective conversation intelligence platform for enhancing sales performance and customer interactions. However, users requiring support for non-English languages should explore alternatives that better cater to their linguistic needs.

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