Topaz Sharpen AI Review

Written by Adam Morris

Updated August 13, 2023

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Topaz Sharpen AI is a powerful sharpening and shake reduction tool that allow users to deblur images without distortion or added digital artifacts.

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Are you tired of blurred or out-of-focus images ruining your perfect shot? Would you like to improve your photos’ details with a single click? Look no further than Topaz Sharpen AI, a groundbreaking software that promises to revolutionize the way we sharpen our images.

The demand for sharp images is increasing due to the popularity of social media and photography. Even professionals find it challenging to achieve high-quality sharpness in photos. Fortunately, Topaz Sharpen AI promises to make the process easier than ever before.

Topaz sharpen AI homepage

This review will provide a detailed analysis of Topaz Sharpen AI’s features, advantages, and limitations. We will explore how this software uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to sharpen images while preserving detail and reducing noise. So, whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, read on to find out if Topaz Sharpen AI is the solution to all your photo sharpening needs.

What is Topaz Labs Sharpen AI?

Topaz Sharpen AI is a powerful sharpening and shake reduction tool developed by Topaz Labs. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to allow users to deblur images without increasing digital artifacts or introducing other distortions.

This innovation in post-processing can bring out details that traditional sharpening methods cannot, such as enhancing edges without causing haloing and fringing. In contrast with other image editing software, Sharpen AI targets three types of blur: motion, focus, and softness.

To get the most out of this powerful piece of software, it’s important to learn about each individual feature—automated intelligent deblur for faster workflows, raw guide for reducing noise without ruining textures, batch processing for quickly creating multiple versions of the same photo with different variations.

The user also has full control over the speed and strength of the effect by changing the noise reduction level depending on the type of image being edited and desired outcome. 

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How to use Topaz Sharpen AI 

Topaz Sharpen AI is a powerful image processing tool designed to help sharpen visually blurred images. It can help users bring blurred and noisy photos back to life, and make them crisp, clean, and sharp. With its intuitive user interface and powerful tools, Topaz Sharpen AI allows photographers to easily fine-tune their images for maximum clarity and detail.

Topaz sharpen AI rescue blurry photos

To use Topaz Sharpen AI, users first select an image from their device or cloud storage. After uploading the image, the user has the option of using the “Clarify” or “Sharpening” mode – each with its own set of advanced features – to adjust brightness, contrast and details in their photo. Depending on the type of subject matter being worked on, various sliders such as structure or clarity (the latter especially when working with noise) might also need adjustment for better results.

Additionally, users can apply post-sharpening effects like added vignetting and enhance edge artifacts that are caused by camera lenses or sensor limitations. Finally, after making all desired adjustments to the photo with Topaz Sharpen AI’s robust array of editing tools, users can click the “Apply” button to render their final result.

What does Topaz Sharpen AI do

Topaz Sharpen AI is an artificial intelligence-driven sharpening program that promises to revolutionize traditional image editing. Rather than using traditional sharpening techniques such as increasing contrast and saturating colors, this technology instead uses a unique algorithm to bring out all the details within a photo without introducing unwanted artifacts.

It is incredibly effective at correcting images with poor focus or motion blur, making it easy to turn those “nearly” photos into keepers. This means that any photographer — from professionals to hobbyists — can easily get desirable results without spending hours perfecting post-processing techniques.

The evidence of this program’s effectiveness is in the results. When used properly, Topaz Sharpen AI effectively brings out all the subtle details hidden in a photo, even when other tools are unable to do so. It also eliminates visuals like haloing, rendering smoother edges and dynamic color tones. Any photographer looking for an easier way to achieve professional quality portraits should give Topaz Sharpen AI a try — it might just surprise you with its capabilities!

Topaz Sharpen AI Review: Features

Different Models

Different models of Sharpen AI can offer photographers the unique opportunity to take their images to the next level without having to worry about unwanted noise or artifacts. For instance, Sharpen AI can detect if a shutter speed was too slow and apply a filter to sharpen it. Additionally, its focus point technology allows users to perfectly pinpoint the exact spot they’d like to be in focus and ensure that all other areas are sharp as well.

Topaz sharpen AI three different models

There are four different models available through Sharpen AI; Focus, Natural, Enhance, and Stabilize. Each version comes with preset features that provide more optimized results based on certain parameters. For example, Natural mode works best with low shutter speeds while Focus mode helps reset blurry images due to motion blur or camera shake.

Enhance mode offers multiple resource options including adaptive contrast adjustments depending on the image being edited and correcting exposure problems or color shifts in photos. Finally, Stabilize mode eliminates camera shake from your images allowing for crisp shots and perfect details even when using long exposures or small/lightweight cameras such as smartphones and Point & Shoots.


Masking is an important post-processing step that helps to refine the results of software like Topaz Sharpen AI. The program enables the user to specify which sections of an image should be left unaltered and which ones should be sharpened. Achieving good results requires careful selection of what should be masked and what should be left untouched, depending on the desired effect.

When used effectively, masking can help sharpen a subject while keeping unneeded details blurred. This can be especially helpful in highly detailed photographs, such as those with complex backdrops or multiple subjects. By focusing on only one particular area of the frame and adding clarity, masking techniques can help draw attention to specific elements in an image.

In addition, it’s also possible to use masking tools to selectively remove unwanted noise by sharpening certain parts while blurring others. All in all, it’s a powerful tool that will help photographers get better results from Topaz Sharpen AI and similar programs when processing their images.

Flexible Viewing

Flexible Viewing is an important feature when looking to check the sharpness of photographs. Sharpen AI makes that process very simple and easy by allowing users to view multiple versions of the same photograph side-by-side. This feature allows individuals to have a clearer understanding of how the picture appears on a bigger size and can be particularly beneficial for contrasting two distinct pictures.

Topaz sharpen AI enhancing blurry motion images

The preview window in Sharpen AI also adds an extra layer of convenience to this process, allowing you to center the photograph wherever you want with just one click. What’s more, there are four different view options available so that you can see the clearest version of each picture possible.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Topaz Photo AI’s user interface is a well-thought-out example of simplicity and minimalism. The image editing app contains all the expected features, but without any unnecessary or complicated additional features. Whether used as a standalone app or in conjunction with another application like Adobe Photoshop, it consistently proves its worth with a smooth and comfortable workflow.

Upon opening Topaz Photo AI, users have several options for loading images into the program. They can drag and drop individual or grouped images onto the window, browse drives for them, or use the automated scan capabilities to quickly identify faces, human subjects, and areas for improvement within each photo.

After selecting their photos of choice, users will find them displayed in the filmstrip under a preview of their current photo – although slightly strange enough this strip only shows JPEG thumbnails when used on its own rather than as a plugin. Overall though these are minor quirks that don’t detract too much from an otherwise highly streamlined experience.


Autopilot is an advanced technology used in photography to lighten the workload. It provides various features that help improve the quality and sharpness of photographs, such as subject and face detection, noise analysis and automatic lens correction. Photographers who want to have more control over their images might find Autopilot limiting due to the absence of exposure and white balance adjustment options.

Topaz sharpen AI automatic focus feature

In comparison with programs like Adobe Photoshop or DxO PhotoLab, Autopilot falls short when it comes to applying manual corrections for exposure and white balance issues. With these programs, you can easily adjust your colour values and make fine-tuned changes with just a few clicks – something that Autopilot doesn’t offer.

Nevertheless, Autopilot really comes through when tasked with mundane tasks such as subject detection and noise analysis; it’s certainly useful if you don’t have time or expertise to do these duties by hand.

Plugin for Lightroom

The clarity of a photograph greatly depends on its sharpness, which is an essential quality to consider. Many images can be ruined by blur and less than perfect focus, and for the photo enthusiast, this can be disheartening. However, with Topaz Sharpen AI plugin for Adobe Lightroom, photographers can now recover their blurry photos quickly and easily.

Topaz Sharpen AI combines sharpening technology with deep learning algorithms to ensure quality results within Lightroom. To use it, you simply right-click on the image in need of adjustment, then choose Edit In > Topaz Sharpen AI. From there, you will be able to apply different adjustments as needed. The plugin even allows you to create a copy of your original photo with lightroom adjustments already applied before sharpening it further.

This makes for smooth editing and a worry-free experience when recovering out-of-focus images or deblurring pictures from camera shake or subject movement. With Topaz Sharpen AI plugin for Lightroom, you can rest assured that you’ll get the quality results you desire with minimal effort!

Plugin for Photoshop

Using Topaz Sharpen AI plugin for Photoshop is an amazing way to remove blur. This helpful plugin is designed to sharpen specific parts of an image as well as the entire image itself. It creates layer masks, so users can apply the adjustments locally for more precise results. With this method of sharpening, you can restore images that have been damaged by poor light or camera shake.

Topaz sharpen AI integrations for Photoshop and Lightroom

To use the Topaz Sharpen AI plugin in Photoshop, the user must first duplicate the layer or create a Smart Object layer to make non-destructive adjustments. Then they should go to Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz Sharpen AI and make all the necessary sharpening adjustments they need. Whether they want to sharpen a few small areas or large portions of an image, Sharpen AI has everything covered with its reliable set of options and powerful algorithms.

Pros and Cons

The Topaz Sharpen AI software is a powerful tool for increasing image sharpness to create photos that are sharper, clearer and more beautiful. Many industries, including photography, print media, videogame development, and animation, have commonly used it. The program offers an array of features that aim to make your images better. One of its major features is the DeNoise AI option which reduces noise in your photos while preserving details. This is a great feature for dealing with low light environments or reducing the appearance of film grain.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to using Topaz Sharpen AI. One issue with this program is that it is more costly compared to similar programs available. Additionally, users with limited experience in image editing software may face challenges using it effectively and achieving optimal results.

Additionally, some users have reported compatibility issues when trying to open saved work on newer versions of Photoshop and other similar programs. All these factors should be taken into account when considering whether or not Topaz Sharpen AI is the right choice for you and your photo editing needs.

System Requirements

The system requirements for Sharpen AI are fairly specific and will ensure an optimal experience when using the application. To use the system, users of Windows and Mac need to have the latest versions installed – Windows 64-bit versions 10 and 11, and macOS 10.14 or newer for Mac.

Wildlife photo of zebra sharpened with Topaz AI Sharpen

Also, the display size should be at least 1024 x 768 pixels. To ensure optimal performance levels, we suggest using an Intel i7 (or Ryzen 7 or higher) processor. However, the minimum requirement for hardware is an Intel or AMD processor with at least Intel i5 (or Ryzen 5) or better.

Similarly, users should have at least 2GB dedicated VRAM from either Nvidia or AMD GPUs – but optimally 6GB of VRAM from GTX 970/Radeon RX 460 or greater is the preferred spec. Lastly, RAM wise 8 GB minimum is essential but 16 to 32 GB would be optimal. Furthermore, an internet connection is required to log into this software due to its cloud syncing capabilities.

Who is Topaz Sharpen AI for?

Topaz Sharpen AI is an invaluable tool for professional photographers of almost any genre. It offers users the ability to drastically reduce image blur caused by slower shutter speeds, camera shake, and other sources of motion. Wildlife, sports, and wedding or event photographers often have to shoot in low light without a flash which leads them to having to use a slower shutterspeed – but with Topaz Sharpen AI they no longer need concern themselves with blurry photos.

Macro photographers also stand to benefit from the software; the limited availability of lighting can require larger aperture settings leading to less sharp images – using Topaz Sharpen AI can compensate for this and help capture stunningly detailed shots.

In addition, owners of smaller sensors – including APS-C or less – can find comfort in knowing that even if their cameras don’t respond well at high ISOs due to noise/grain issues, current technology enables them as well as others to salvage image sharpness by using this powerful new solution.

Topaz Sharpen AI has revolutionized digital photography and made it easier than ever for aspiring photographers around the world today!

How much is Topaz Sharpen AI?

Topaz Sharpen AI is an image quality software that works to provide better detail, clarity, and sharpness in your photos without over-sharpening or introducing artifacts. It utilizes advanced machine learning technologies to provide highly accurate results. The standard version of Topaz Sharpen AI is priced at $79.99, though there is also a 30-day trial available for those who aren’t sure if the program will suit their needs.

Topaz sharpen AI pricing

Additionally, Topaz Labs offers an Image Quality Bundle which includes both Topaz Sharpen AI and other programs like Topaz Denoise AI and Topaz Gigapixel AI, bundling them all together for only $199.99 which effectively saves you $59.98 in cost if you were to purchase the three programs separately. Sharpen AI helps digital photographers achieve crisper images with significant improvements from original photos, making it a popular choice among professional and hobbyist photographers alike.

Topaz Sharpen AI Trial

Topaz Sharpen AI offers a comprehensive trial version, allowing you to decide if the product is the right choice for your needs. You can download and install it at no charge, and have ample time to convert your photos and test out the features before having to commit to a paid subscription.

During your trial period, none of your original images will be altered; however, any images that you create with Sharpen AI will be watermarked until you make a purchase.

The good thing about this trial is that despite its extended duration, there’s no pressure on making a purchase decision. You don’t have to give out credit card information in order to activate the trial, which gives you plenty of time to assess whether or not Topaz Sharpen AI is suitable for you. And if you do eventually decide to become a paying customer then all watermarking restrictions are instantly lifted off your edited photos.


The final verdict on Topaz Sharpen AI is that it is a great software for image sharpening and enhancing details. It offers users a straightforward and hassle-free experience when using the product, making sure everyone can make the most out of their images. The software does what it promises and helps bring back details that were previously blurred or out of focus. Its capability to improve reduced sharpness and detail in photos is really commendable.

However, one should be mindful that its performance depends mostly on the quality of the photo’s original details. While it can make slight improvements to a soft image, if an image doesn’t have enough detail to begin with, don’t expect miracles from Topaz Sharpen AI as there will not be any substantial changes made. All in all, if you are looking for a reliable sharpen tool that can help enhance details present in your images, then this tool is perfect for you!

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