Uberduck Review: The Best AI Voice Generator?

Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 16, 2023

Our rating for Uberduck AI


We give Uberduck AI 4 out of 5 stars.

Uberduck AI is a sophisticated text-to-speech AI software that has the ability to replicate voices from popular characters, artists, and even yours!

Get Uberduck AI for $9.99/month

Recording vocals has never been easier with Uberduck AI. Perfect for content creators and vocal enthusiasts, it allows you to explore various vocal styles effortlessly.

No need to worry if you’re new to audio production – give it a shot and prepare to be amazed by its capabilities. Now, let’s explore and determine if Uberduck Voice AI fulfills its promises.

Uberduck AI – The Revolutionary Voice Generator

Whether you’re looking to convert your own voice into something magical or generate speech from text, the possibilities for businesses and individuals are almost endless.

Uberduck AI homepage

The potential of Uberduck AI has aroused a lot of discussion over AI voice generators vs human voice actors. 

With its intelligent software, Twitter audio clips can be created with easy customization features and voice options – giving everyone the chance to find their perfect sound.

Behind Uberduck AI’s Technology

Uberduck AI is a sophisticated speech software that has the ability to replicate multiple human voices. Behind the curtain of its speech synthesis, a complex Transformer model uses an intelligent language algorithm to generate text responses.

For example, when a query is requested by a user, it will generate text that can be quickly translated into natural-sounding voices via WebRTC audio chatbot. This makes Uberduck AI incredibly efficient and user-friendly for anyone to create custom voice clones with just a few clicks.

Uberduck AI voice to voice feature

Additionally, Uberduck AI has computational linguistics at its core which allows it to effectively interpret user queries and frame relevant responses in various languages.

Multiple Languages Supported

Uberduck AI’s Text-to-Speech service offers a reliable way to generate quality voiceovers in a variety of languages without having to hire professional voice actors.

Uberduck AI supports 24 languages and dialects including English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch. Those who wish to create text to speech audio in other languages may find the appropriate Regional accents within the platform’s supported list.

Uberduck AI Key Features 

TTS Converter

Uberduck ai provides a stunning text-to-speech feature that mimics the real sound of a human voice—and it’s completely free.

Uberduck ai text to speech converter

One standout aspect of Uberduck AI’s text-to-speech converter is its ability to make any written text sound like actual speech by a real person. Even though many other programs offer text-to-speech capabilities, few can replicate the emotion and nuance of spoken words that this application has mastered over time.

Those looking to quickly record their scripts will love the selection of voices available; you can even have Darth Vader from Star Wars say hello! With such an impressive range of features offered at no cost, Uberduck AI’s text-to-speech converter is certain to be a popular choice among content creators everywhere.

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Generate Distinctive Voice Clones

Uberduck AI is a company that has developed voice cloning technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology allows users to create precise and authentic audio doppelgangers that closely resemble the original voices.

Not only does this service optimize existing audio for seamless playback across various mediums, but businesses also gain the ability to easily create universal 3D models of their products complete with audio descriptions.

Moreover, thanks to Uberduck AI’s recently released TikTok integration feature, users can effortlessly create clones of their own voices for use in videos various social media platforms.

It also offers the chance to imitate well-known voices and recreate audio recordings of loved ones. This truly groundbreaking technology makes it possible to have realistic and natural sounding voice clones right at your fingertips in no time!

Range of AI Voices and Audio Files

The days of having to seek out expensive voice actors for specific character voices in your content are behind us. Now, with advanced technology, you can easily create and utilize the voices of famous personalities and legendary voice actors right from the comfort of your home.

Uberduck ai voice selection

Using this technology for YouTube videos and skits can make them funnier and more real by impersonating famous people and producing voiceovers without actors.


Uberduck AI Creator Plan

The Creator Plan from Rapbot is an all-in-one subscription package for any digital creator or developer who needs rapid processing and sound production. For only $96 a year, users can access unlimited storage, a massive selection of commercial use voices, and AI-generated raps to enrich their audio projects.

The generous allocation of 3600 render credits also makes this plan valuable as it allows creators to creatively use these credits for things such as converting text into AI-generated raps, selecting different voices for multiple versions of the same project, and more.

The integration with API solutions makes the Creator Plan from Rapbot a suitable choice for digital synthetic media creation projects that prioritize speed and accuracy.

Uberduck AI Clone Plan

The Clone Plan is the premium option offered as a part of voice cloning software. At $500 per year, it tailors the experience to your specific needs, as users are able to pick their own clones and voice data. This allows for totally personalized voice clone results with more flexibility than other plans.

The Clone plan includes all features from the Creator Plan plus a unique ability to clone your own voice for use in an array of applications; such as creating custom greeting messages or speaking parts in videos.

Uberduck ai pricing plans

With a user-friendly interface it’s easy to edit and refine any recordings so that they’re perfectly tailored to you or your brand’s tastes—all at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire professional voice actors. Whether you’re crafting custom audio for business purposes or seeking out new ways to express yourself, look no further than the Clone Plan!

Uberduck AI Enterprise Plan

The Uber Duck Enterprise Plan is for businesses that want to improve their voice cloning technology. It includes all the features of the Clone Plan, plus extra capabilities to help businesses reach their goals faster and better.

Features such as bulk voice clones, templated audio generation, team collaboration tools, interactive voice bots and Twilio integration make it easier for teams to create recordings faster and more efficiently. The plan also includes access to support from trained professionals at any time.

Craiyon AI Image Generator is the perfect companion to accompany your new Enterprise Plan. Craiyon AI offers a powerful review system allowing users to create realistic 3D renders of their work quickly and easily.

By integrating Craiyon AI into your workflow, you will get an extra layer of precision in your creative process with image previews before finalizing your work. Whether you are creating en masse or just in a pinch of detail-oriented task – Craiyon AI makes it simple for every user with its intuitive interface giving you greater options in design flexibility.

Thinking about investing in Uberduck AI?

Using Uberduck AI can be a huge time saver, especially for those needing to create custom voice clones and audio clips quickly and on a budget.

With four different plans offering up to 4000 voices and the ability to clone voices to make customized audio clips that perfectly suit your needs, you won’t be led astray in terms of pricing. Advanced features such as AI-generated raps and API access are also built into the platform for further customization.

Uberduck AI rap text feature

Not only is Uberduck AI affordable but it’s also easy enough for anyone successfully deploy – no programming needed! All that is required are a few clicks in order to get started on creating high-quality audio material.

This makes life much easier for those who do not have a background in programming to still set up their own customized voice clones without any hassle. All things considered, with its ease of use and affordability, Uberduck AI is definitely worth putting your money into.

Before You Go…

Uberduck AI is a user-friendly tool for creating realistic voices. From being able to create professional-sounding audio files quickly to having a wide range of plan options that won’t break the bank, Uberduck ai really does have it all.

It is an effortless way for content creators, musicians, and anyone who loves playing around with different vocal styles to make amazing vocal recordings right from their home or studio. Even if you’re a novice when it comes to audio production, there’s no excuse not to give Uberduck AI a try – you’ll be surprised at how adeptly it can work for your needs!

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Can you use Uberduck ai for free?

Yes, Uberduck AI offers a free plan. 

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