Wordtune Review: One of the Best AI Writing Tools?

Written by Adam Morris

Updated September 12, 2023

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We give Wordtune 3 out of 5 stars.

Wordtune is a cutting-edge machine learning AI system that allow users to check for tone matching, grammar, and suggesting alternative phrasing.

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Are you struggling to express your thoughts clearly? Or do you spend a lot of time trying to perfect your sentences? If yes, then Wordtune might just be the tool for you.

Wordtune is a writing assistant software that claims to offer “AI-powered writing support.” The tool was created by the same team that developed Grammarly, another popular writing tool.

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This review will examine Wordtune and determine if it is as impressive as people claim. We’ll explore its features, ease of use, and effectiveness in improving writing quality. Wordtune can be a useful tool in enhancing your writing abilities, regardless of whether you are a professional writer or not. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Wordtune?

Wordtune is a cutting-edge machine learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) system dedicated to transforming written communication. By providing users creative and insightful feedback on their writing, it helps them compose more effective, understandable sentences.

The AI technology works by analyzing text and giving automatic suggestions for better sentence structure and grammar. Such suggestions would include eliminating errors, improving clarity, shortening complex sentences, or suggesting concise alternatives to phrases or words to increase the readability of the text.

Using an advanced algorithm fueled by Natural Language Processing (NLP), Wordtune is able to pick up on patterns in language that might not be noticed by an individual reviewer. This means that Wordtune can offer refined tips and advice regarding sentence structure and language choice.

By recognizing commonly used words, phrases or syntaxes that can be difficult for readers to comprehend, it creates tangible changes in the quality of written content which can positively impact engagement rates from your readers. All this leads to improved overall communication and more efficient use of your time as a writer.

Wordtune Review: How does Wordtune work?

Wordtune is a revolutionary AI writing tool suitable for a range of users from casual bloggers to professional authors. Wordtune allows users to easily access their document editor and take full advantage of the features it offers.

Wordtune provides four options in which users are able to access their word editor software: Desktop editor, Google Chrome extension, Microsoft Word add-on, or the mobile app. In order to get started with the desktop editor, you just need to click the Wordtune Editor button then proceed with either signing up through email, Facebook or Google.

Wordtune trial

After setting up an account and logging in, you will gain access to all the editing tools such as text-analysis algorithms that will provide feedback on your writing, a virtual assistant that can be used collaborate with other writers, and customizable AI editing & formatting suggestions.

Additionally, for those who don’t use any of these platforms or would like full control over their work flow, Wordtune also offers integrated software solutions that enable real-time collaboration and secure file storage options so users can keep everything within same platform without leaving their desk.

Wordtune Review: Wordtune Features

Wordtune offers some unique features that set it apart from traditional grammar checkers. Wordtune is a tool that helps writers enhance their writing by checking for accurate spelling and grammar.

Additionally, it can assist them in effectively communicating their ideas. To do this, Wordtune provides helpful suggestions for good vocabulary choices as well as a means to focus on perfecting your writing rather than just editing.

Wordtune different tones rewriting

Wordtune is also different from other grammar checking tools because it takes into account context instead of just looking for grammatical errors. This means that the program will suggest words with appropriate connotations depending on what you’re trying to say in order to get your point across more effectively.

Additionally, it will compare your writing against published literature on similar topics so you can hone your writing style and be sure you’re conveying yourself accurately in any context. All of these features make Wordtune an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve their writing quality in one simple platform.

Google Chrome Extension

The Wordtune Chrome Extension is an AI-driven writing and editing tool for Chrome users. It enables users to quickly evaluate their text on grammar, style, and variety factors to ensure it reads well.

Additionally, the Wordtune Read feature allows readers to get a better understanding of texts through easy-to-understand summaries that can be accessed from within webpages and documents.

Wordtune google chrome extension

Wordtune also offers other features such as automated self-editing tools, like catching common spelling errors or using AI to recommend better alternatives. And all these features are available free of charge through the Wordtune Editor for AI writing as well as their Chrome browser extension.

By installing it, users can automatically improve their writing and increase the chances of getting higher grades in whatever they’re working on. Altogether, the Wordtune Chrome Extension makes for an invaluable tool when creating written content online.

Is Wordtune free?

Wordtune is an amazing writing tool that helps you craft sentences with the perfect balance of accuracy and style. With its powerful AI-driven technology, Wordtune can check grammar and spelling, offer synonyms for using variety in your writing, make sure all your punctuation is correct, and much more.

It has become a go-to for anyone looking on to improving writing skills to the next level, be it professional documents or casual emails. The best thing about Wordtune is that it offers a free version as well as different tiers of service with two paid plans.

The free version provides users with basic features like grammar and spell checking, while higher-tier services can offer exclusive customizations and additional features like word choice advice and alternate words suggestions.

Wordtune also makes collaboration easy by incorporating team analyses into their workflow solution so that members across teams can work together without any issues. All this makes Wordtune a complete package for writers of all levels looking to create accurate and stylish content without compromising on time or effort.

Who Is Wordtune For?

Wordtune is an innovative platform that helps both business owners and content creator write incredible, engaging online content quickly and easily. With Wordtune, users can access a wide variety of AI tools, from word suggestion algorithms to powerful search tools designed to help them find the right words.

Wordtune’s intuitive interface makes it particularly useful for bloggers and small business owners who need high-quality content with minimal effort.

Wordtune summarizer

The platform is a good option for students who want to enhance their writing abilities. Wordtune includes a powerful plagiarism checker which allows students to ensure the integrity of their work while verifying potential copyright violations.

Moreover, the platform has several proofreading features available such as error detection systems and grammar checks, allowing students to ensure that their final product is free of any errors prior submitting it for grading.

In conclusion, Wordtune is not only best for business owners and bloggers, but also ideal for budding writers looking to improve their writing skillsets in an entertaining way.

Ease of Use

Wordtune is a writing tool that is easy to use. It works on various writing platforms, and it’s easy to pick up even for new users.

Within just 5 minutes, they can master the basics of using Wordtune’s software; all they need to do to rewrite an existing piece of text is select it, click on the Wordtune logo that pops up, and choose from one of the multiple available re-write options. One reason why Wordtune stands out is because it’s not nearly as distracting as its competitors such as Grammarly.

Additionally, users can utilize a keyboard shortcut to automatically modify text, eliminating the need to repeatedly select and click buttons while making edits. This makes the entire editing process much faster and more convenient for all users involved.

Wordtune Pricing

If you’re seeking high-quality rephrasing software, Wordtune is a great investment option. It has a free version available and the annual pricing plans start from $9.99/month, which is quite affordable compared to other writing help tools. The monthly pricing is slightly more expensive but still offers good value for money.

The primary selling point of Wordtune is its rephrasing AI, which is more accurate and efficient than similar writing tools like Grammarly. Despite being a lower price, Grammarly’s performance cannot match that of Wordtune in terms of rephrasing accuracy and quality.

wordtune pricing plans

In the end, it all depends on what kind of services you require – some may be content with Grammarly’s cheaper price tag while others might prefer to pay extra for the improved results with Wordtune’s AI rephrasing capabilities.

Either way, Wordtune provides an excellent service when considering its reasonable pricing in comparison to other writing help tools currently available on the market.

Free Plan

Wordtune’s free version is the ideal solution for those who are looking to explore the powerful rewrite abilities offered by its state-of-the-art writing assistant. It provides a great way to customize and personalize existing content for more impactful results. With this version, users can rewrite their articles up to 20 times a day using the rewriting feature.

The free version of Wordtune comes with all of the other features found in its premium packages.

Wordtune also has an extremely user friendly interface which makes it even easier to use, allowing customers to increase productivity while reducing time spent manually typing. With Wordtune’s amazing writing tools, even with minimal effort, customers can create impressive content every time they use it.


Wordtune offers a premium plan for the more frequent and experienced writer. It is ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs needing to craft high quality content in large volumes.

This plan provides access to every feature Wordtune has to offer, including unlimited use of any utility or correction tool, plus premium technical support assistance. Additionally, it offers considerable value given the price of just under $10 per month.

Wordtune pricing table comparison

Wordtune’s Premium Plan could be a wise choice for those expecting large output projects needing precision editing and feedback from an expert support team. Investing in this sort of system can save time and money in typical production costs without sacrificing standards.

Wordtune Review: Wordtune Alternatives


Grammarly is a popular grammar correction and spell-checking tool used by writers from across the globe. It helps them to enhance their work by providing accurate grammar corrections, checking for plagiarism, and offering helpful hints to improve writing through its desktop interface or Chrome extension.

The desktop version of Grammarly can be accessed simply by logging into your account on your computer. With the extension turned on, it can help with anything from essay writing to blog posts in WordPress, instantly checking and suggesting changes as you type in any text editor online.

Grammarly homepage

The Grammarly algorithm is powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence which scans what you have written, detects mistakes and highlights issues that need attention before you submit your work.

Its powerful linguistics engine helps students, and professionals alike learn how to write better and more effectively with understandable explanations about problems found in their writing. Not only does it provide efficient editing results but also educational feedback that enables everyone to become better at writing language skills.


Jasper (formerly Jasper AI) is an AI writing tool designed to assist writers quickly and easily craft compelling content. That means instead of spending hours researching topics and writing out paragraphs, you get higher quality results in a shorter amount of time with fewer resources.

Jasper uses natural-language processing (NLP) AI technology to help identify data points related to a topic or keyword string and provides ready-made outlines that guide users through crafting the best content for their needs.

Jasper.ai homepage

From smoothly written copy to strategically placed keywords and phrases that guarantee search engine optimization (SEO), Jasper helps create quality content materials that are sure to drive target audiences towards your brand.

Plus, by giving tools like grammar and plagiarism checking that offer much needed corrections on the fly and analytics reports on how well your content performed over time, Jasper takes the guesswork out of crafting focused content for your audience.

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Quillbot is a powerful and comprehensive natural language processing tool that is designed to help students, writers, and content creators enhance their writing. It seeks to improve word choice, correct mistakes, and add flair or expression where needed.

It has several features such as synonym search in order to replace words with more fitting options without taking away from the original message. Additionally, Quillbot’s vocabulary enhancement feature aids users in picking just the right words to express themselves accurately and effectively.

Quillbot AI paraphrasing page

The other attributes of Quillbot include an advanced summarization tool, grammar checking for proper syntax and text structure assistance, verification against plagiarism sources, multiple language support (English only so far), rich text formatting option for improved visuals, citation generator that incorporates MLA or APA standards.

This nifty little tool offers many rewards for its users with added benefits like real-time suggestions or clean page settings to reduce distractions while working on a document.

Customer Service

Wordtune, like any other online tool, recognizes the significance of customer service. While the software does have a live chat support feature that is available to users, there could still use some improvement in this area.

Sometimes, the staff takes about a day or two to reply to customer inquiries, which can be considered slow. In addition, the knowledge base provided by Wordtune is quite small, with limited resources when it comes to common fixes and features which could be useful for customers.

The Wordtune customer service needs improvement to provide a better experience for users. For those who run into issues while using this software, they may feel like they are left waiting around for days before their questions are addressed and this can be frustrating.

The staff is responsive to inquiries, but their response time and knowledge base could be enhanced to better assist customers in resolving software issues quickly.


Wordtune offers a great advantage for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. Its clean user interface (UI), which is intuitive and pleasant to use, instantly makes it attractive for writers of all levels. With Wordtune, you can make your writing clearer and more concise with its helpful features.

By using Wordtune, users are able to check for tone matching, and suggesting alternative phrasing. Furthermore, the software allows you to conveniently edit your writing without the need to switch between different programs or websites.

On top of this, Wordtune also provides benefits such as expanding your English vocabulary by providing some useful words and phrases that can be used in different circumstances. This feature helps more experienced writers too as it adds clarity where it might previously have been lacking.

Wordtune is so comprehensive and useful that even those who already have a good grasp on their writing skills can find it beneficial when honing their work even further. With numerous features at hand, from providing unique insights into how words affect readers’ emotions to helping strengthen academic performance – Wordtune proves itself as an irreplaceable tool for any passionate writers out there.


This AI rewriting tool is marketed towards content creators, bloggers, and authors. Despite its popularity, there are several cons associated with the service. The most significant con for those hoping to use the service on a regular basis is the daily limit of ten sentence rewrites per day on the free plan.

While you can upgrade to the premium plan to rewrite an entire paragraph at once, this still falls short of what many users want in a rewriting tool.

Moreover, Wordtune does not have an integrated plagiarism checker to ensure that any paraphrased content being used does not contain any unintentional plagiarism which could be costly for the user.

Though it may have more features than some competitors, its pricing is higher compared to services such as QuillBot which offers similar features at a much lower cost. Because of this disparity in prices and feature offerings, those looking for a comprehensive text rewriting tool may wish to look elsewhere.

WordTune Review: Conclusion

Overall, Wordtune is a great tool for those who need an AI-powered editor to help them quickly and effectively write or rewrite copy. It comes with a style editor to adjust between casual and formal tones, and it rivals other writing tools such as Grammarly in terms of its accuracy and helpfulness. We recommend trying Wordtune if you want a simple and inexpensive tool to enhance your writing.

All in all, Wordtune offers up all of the essential functions necessary to help you take your writing up a level – check with confidence that you’re expressing yourself accurately, fix errors efficiently, and even substitute words for ones that express your ideas more precisely – all within one simple platform.

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